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Encompassing areas such as IoT,
Smart Energy, Artificial Intelligence and
many more to drive actionable intelligence
Industrial 4.0
Leveraging IoT to build a smart factories
by enabling communication between
man, machines and devices
A user-friendly
data logging
An easy, smart and accessible
one-stop solution to all your data needs
Brand Story

Founded five years ago by a small team in Mahindra Susten, NODEX™ was designed with the desire to overcome the shortcomings faced by traditional PLC and RTU data logging system. With the use of cutting edge technology, NODEX™ monitors every parameter associated with energy assets across the globe.

Formed with the domain expertise of Mahindra Susten and the team’s love for renewable energy, NODEX™ now boasts of being the most cost-effective, yet powerful one-stop solution for data logging.


We Believe In Delivering Actionable Intelligence in a Simplified Way.
  • Domain Compatibility

    Suited across industries, such as
    Solar, Telecom, Factory, Agriculture, etc.

  • Data Logging Resolution

    Data can be logged at
    intervals of 1 second to 1 day

  • Ease of configuration

    User friendly interface and
    remote configuration features

  • Data redundancy

    Optional extendable local data backup
    capacity of up to 180 days

  • Internet Connectivity

    Multiple options available including
    GPRS/4G, Wi-fi, Ethernet(TCP/IP)

  • Near Real Time Data

    Real-time data can be pushed at
    configurable intervals

Features of NODEX™

RS485 Ports in
the basic version

Data back-up
upto 90 days

I/p supply voltage
range: 9-36 V DC


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